Five tips for outdoor furniture protection

Five Tips For Outdoor Furniture Protection

Keep your furniture looking brand new for longer

The best way to elevate your patio is by placing some furniture to set the ambiance right. Patio furniture care is just as important as the interior. Putting time and effort into how you embellish it adds value and character to a home. If you are looking to purchase some for your very own backyard but don’t know what to look for, this will be your guide for everything you need to know. Outdoor furniture protection is a key component to boosting the lifespan of your furnishings. A few simple precautionary methods can save you money in the longer run.

A fun backyard is on everyone’s checklist

Be it hosting parties or just relaxing on your own, a well-furnished backyard or patio is a necessity. A boring space outside is a wasted one. To bring together coherence in your outdoor and indoor settings, you simply cannot deny one or the other. Figure out how you can add a sprinkle of your own style and achieve the look you are going for. Whether you like a minimalistic modern look, or prefer a more laid back homely one,proper outdoor furniture protection is necessary.

Know Your Furniture and What Level of Maintenance It Requires

While purchasing outdoor furniture most people just tend to focus on the surface level details and how appealing it is to the eye. Although it is important to consider the aesthetic aspect of what you choose to furnish your house with, there are some additional factors that will save you from making a purchase you might regret.

A good combination of what is pleasant to look at and fulfills your requirement is key. Consider all the main uses you want out of your furniture and then decide a suitable material you should keep your eye on. While some pieces require minimum care, proper outdoor furniture protection can help save you from repurchasing.

Bring Your Patio To Life

Was your patio your favorite part of the house when you first furnished it and now it’s just vacant? Clean patio furniture can change that! Well here are some ways to enjoy your evenings sitting outside and reading your favorite book again. From working to a cup of coffee in the morning, fresh air always makes it better. We have compiled five fool-proof ways for outdoor furniture protection. 

Cleaning Patio Furniture

An obvious yet crucial step for adding years to the life of your is properly cleaning patio furniture. For proper outdoor furniture protection, care instructions that must be followed properly to prevent any damage or breakage. A thorough cleaning once in a while and a more regular dusting with a cloth can help reduce the dirt buildup. When you clean your furniture frequently, there is a lesser chance of it developing nasty stains that are there to stay.  For most plastic, wood or aluminum furniture, a damn cloth is the best way to go and it gets the job done effectively with ease.

  •       Wood and Wicker

For proper outdoor furniture protection of wood and wicker articles, combine oil based soap with some lukewarm water and thoroughly clean any scuffs and stains with a cloth. We also recommend coating your wooden furniture every once in a while with a fresh coat of protective finishing to prevent stains and maintain its shine. If you have hardwood outdoor furniture, consider sanding it once a year for best results.

  •       Aluminum or Iron

The main concern with aluminum furniture is oxidation. The outdoor furniture protection guide is as follows, first start by removing any dirt you can and then go in with a solution of white vinegar and water to clean off the rest. To keep its natural sheen, clean often. Sand off the rust and uneven paint and double the life of your tables and chairs. It is perhaps the most common material for outdoor furniture due to it being durable and requiring minimum care.

  •       Plastic or Resin

Outdoor furniture protection for plastic patio pieces is simple; put some distilled white vinegar on a rag and scrub the stain off. The perks to having these is the light weight, as it is simple to move around. For regular cleaning, do not use abrasive cleaners on colored plastic as it may damage or scratch the surface. Use some vinegar in warm water for regular cleaning. After you are done, coat with some automotive paste wax to restore shine.

Outdoor Furniture Covers

Covering your outdoor furniture is a great way to avoid weather damage and excess dust and dirt buildup. It is a simple yet effective way to increase the longevity of your furniture by saving you multiple cleaning sessions that would otherwise be mandatory. A heavy-duty waterproof cover is an investment with great return in the long-run. Getting suitable covers for your furniture can help save the struggle of constantly having to move tables and chairs into your garage during sunny summer days or when there’s heavy rain or snow. Simply keep your furniture covered when not in use and see the difference with all the damage you avoid.

Shades For Furniture

Investing in sun shades can help prevent UV damage to you and stop outdoor furniture fading. If you have a problem with your outdoor furniture losing color and fading over time, and cannot seem to figure out what causes it and how you can avoid it, consider using some sort of a shade over your furniture. This easy outdoor furniture protection aid gives added privacy and lowered temperature on hot summer days. Enjoy the feeling of being outdoors with complete protection from harsh weather conditions. These will still keep your space airy, unlike blinds and curtains. An umbrella or a canopy is also a good way to go if you are looking for some protection for your furniture but still want the space to be completely open.

Best Material For Outdoor Furniture

The most important thing to consider while making such an investment is the material your furniture is made out of. Wood is one of the best materials for outdoor furniture. Not all wood is the same however so you must look into what you need. Durable outdoor furniture is usually manufactured from wood. While being extremely usable and sustainable, wooden furniture also adds a comfortable and cozy feel to the house. It goes great with almost all exterior settings, blends right in without being underwhelming. If you have yet to decide what material to get, consider wooden furniture as your best option. Outdoor teak furniture is a great option as it is highly durable and weather resistant to a great extent.

When it comes to wooden outdoor furniture protection, some of your most frequently asked questions remain the same. Here are some concerns we came across and are here to help you with!

  •       Why is my wooden outdoor furniture cracking?

Well this is one common problem people come across often.  The reasons for it may vary depending on how well you take care of your furniture to the type of wood it is made out of. Excessive sunlight and rain may be a major reason.

  •       Why is my wooden patio furniture turning silver or grey?

The rays from the sun damage the wooden furniture. It is often a problem seen with untreated wood but treated wood may also go silvery grey after some time. What you see are actually dead layers of the wood fibers. As it does not regenerate, annual sanding is going to help.

  •       How can I stop the growth of mildew on my outdoor furniture?

Mildew is a common problem for outdoor furniture. To stop it, practice regular cleaning and avoid the furniture from dampening and try to keep it completely dry. Remember the method to remove it from furniture depends on the material.

 Waterproof Your Patio Furniture


Last but certainly not the least, it is very important to use a patio furniture protectant for outdoor furniture protection. This is going to help rejuvenate whatever damage the furniture may have suffered over time. It will also help maintain the shine and gloss and improve the durability and functionality of it. Water damage is perhaps the most common problem with outdoor furniture. Replacing it often can be very inconvenient and it also costs a lot of money. For waterproofing your wooden furniture, simply coat it with a wood-specific clear sealer. You can also go ahead with a wood deck stain that has a sealer formula. Using varnish is also a good idea for a more polished and expensive look. For a more beautiful hand-rubbed finish, simply resort to linseed oil.

Taking proper care of your outdoor furniture will not only have it looking good, but it will also increase the life of it. From one house to another, enjoy long lasting outdoor furniture!