The Cospisun pergola is a precisely crafted waterproof and self­ ventilated cover. Composed with aluminum and polycarbonate It's a lightweight choice and install friendly. It has high resistance to extreme temperatures -58 degrees to +212 degrees Fahrenheit. Great for not only shade and complete UV protection from the sun but it can also withstand hailstones, snow & wind loads. Endless specification options with this sophisticated and elegant cover all with a 10 year warranty. Let's get started on your Outback Oasis today.


The Cospilouvre Pergola offers beauty, functionality and precious engineering in addition to weather protection. This is our most flexible coverage option with the ability to operate louvers manually or electronically and position them anywhere between a 0-90 degree range. This design is waterproof and can be constructed with lighting, expanded dimensions, expansive color option and with many other specifications.


The Cospibio pergola is a modern and sophisticated cover that is able to open and close electronically. This chic Bioclimatic pergola is waterproof and available in expansive dimensions. Available with many specifications like lighting and color options.